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  • Plastic Magnetically Pump - Magnetically centrifgual Pump

    CMS Armoured magnetically coupled horizontal pump

    The armoured magnetically-coupled pumps of the CMS series are designed to meet chemical process industry standards. Their hermetically sealed design makes them a safe pumping solution for problematic chemicals and solvents.


    Standardized chemical pump, process pump design with dimensions to 
    N22858/ISO 2858;   

    Housing material:

    Cast iron GG25

    Lining material:



    25-25-160 bis 100-80-200

    Nominal pressure:

    PN 16/ANSI 150#


    DIN/ANSI   Standard     

    Performance data

    Pump capacity:

    up to 140 m³/h 

    Total differential head: 

    up to 60 m 

    Operating temperature [t]:

    -20°C up to +120 °C 

    Operating pressure [p]:

    up to 16 bar  Technical Data

    Diameter of discharge nozzle:

    DN 25 up to DN 100 /ANSI 1" to 4" Brochure

    Drive rating [P]:

    up to 18.5 kW  Operation manual


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