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    Services Overview
            Ndura Vary's extensive experience provides an unmatched depth of industry knowledge in widely-varied process applications. While we bring this knowledge home to develop new enhancements to our products, we also take it out to the field to help customers solve their unique processing problems. By pump application , selection and  building process modules around our core competencies, our engineers work with you to develop a customized solution to your specific processing requirements.
          Service means to us to do everything so that your pumps and  process system will work reliably and safely for producing an optimum product.
          We feel responsible for our pump and systems – from initial consulting through delivery, installation and maintenance up to the end of the entire life cycle.
          We offers you a comprehensive service package from commissioning and operator training via product repair training through to express shipping of spare parts. Our service team of experienced specialists has earned itself a reputation for locating trouble sources, finding solutions and restoring normal pump operation fast and efficiently. For us, it goes without saying that our competent service team is on call for you worldwide. We are available to you around the clock. 

    > Product Support

    Wear / spare parts

    Worldwide delivery ex. stock and web-shop for orders

    Engineering Support

    Solutions for all mechanical, control and process engineering questions


    Worldwide on-site within 24/7

    Sales Support


    On-site installation Mechanical and electrical testing, test runs


    Staff training on operation, control and troubleshooting


    Remote maintenance and on-site maintenance

    > Solution Support

    Upgrades and retrofits

    ATEX upgrades, Pumps upgrades, retrofitting of pressurised filling pipes, controllers, displays, drive system replacements, safety services

    Maintenance contracts

    After sales service with individually specified scope

    Process optimisation

    Optimisation of comprehensive process engineering processes

    > Business Support

    Used machines

    Partial or full refurbishing of used machines from all manufacturers

    Rental and pilot systems

    for rapid compensation of broken down systems and basic tests

    > R & D Centre

    New products development

    learn from the high technology and the latest methods and through our research and development activities in R & D , we will get result transform into our design and manufacturing operation

    Free Product test

    Provide liquid to be tested run without charge


    Provide our pumps to test trial in your plant

    > Manufacturing/service centre

    Pump manufacture/service in China

    Set up Manufacture plant in China, it is cover all asia-pacific area

    Service centre

    Provide complete service facility and 7-24 hour

    Tel: 86-21-54393230    E-Mail: sales@endurapump.com
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