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  • Plastic Magnetically Pump - Magnetically Tube Pump

    CTM-magnetically coupled Tube pump

    Horizontal, sealless PP and PVDF Peripheral pump with permanent magnet drive system, no mechanical seal.
    The separation of liquid chamber/atmosphere by means of an isolation shell is the best solution to pump aggressive chemical, high purity liquids and liquids difficult to seal. The hermetic sealless is the best solution for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. A wide range of pumps covers the different performances. Simple construction combine with high thickness guarantees a long life against the corrosion
    Close-coupled drivers are conventional driversmounted directly to pumps frame. No base, coupling or guards are required for this mounting style.
    - Threaded BSP  & NPT   
    - Universal Flanges that meet both the DIN PN 16 and the ANSI 150.
    Performance data

    Max viscosity: 

    200 cSt

    Max system pressure:

    5 bar

    Flow up:

    to 13 m3/h

    Head up:

    to 53 m

    Temperature ratings:

    from -22 °F(-30 °C) to +194 °F (+90 °C) Technical Data

    Electric motors:

    from 0,18 up to 9,2 kW  Brochure

    Available ATEX II - / 3G cbk II C T5Operation manual


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