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  • Plastic Mechanically sealed Pump - Sump Pump

    SGS Armoured Sump pump with mechanical seal

    SGS pumps are ideal for the transfer and treatment ofprocess fluids, plant effluents and industrial or municipal water and waste streams.
    The Ndura-Vary mechanical seal, specifically developed for non-metallic pumps, ensures maximum operating reliability and a long service life while being easy to assemble and repair.
    Standardized chemical pump, process pump design with dimensions to EN 22858/ISO 2858;

    Housing material:



    25-25-160/ANSI 1"*1" bis 150-100-200 /ANSI 6"*4

    Nominal pressure:

    PN 16/ANSI 150#


    DIN /ANSI Standard    

    Performance data

    Pump capacity:

    up to 330 m³/h        

    Total differential head:  

    up to 85 m 

    Max. sump height:

    up to 6 m

    Operating temperature [t]:

    -20°C up to +135 °C 

    Diameter of discharge nozzle: 

    DN 25 up to DN 150/ANSI 1" to 6" Technical Data

    Drive rating [P]:   

    up to 110 kWBrochure

    Mechancal Seal  type:

    Single , flush, DoubleOperation manual


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