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  • Plastic Magnetically Pump - Magnetically centrifgual Pump

    CM Armoured magnetically coupled horizontal pump

    Pumps of the series C M are horizontal single-stage volute casing pumps with closed impeller. Close coupled pumps are furnished with standard motors. Leak-free back pull-out assemblies with magnetic drive meet the requirements with regard to job safety, operational reliability and environmental protection. Modular impeller allows for varying hydraulic performances.  Magnetic drive rear casing standard materials are PP glass fiber, or PVDF carbon fiber, other materials, available on request.
    Simplicity constructive and high thickness of the casings, achieved by CNC machine from solid, give greater resistance to permeation and migration of corrosive, and permeating liquids are the features of this pump range. 
    Over-sized, high purity ceramic or silicon carbide thrust bearings and shaft. The program comprises 6 sizes, with a high interchangeability between the components of this pump series, and the C MAG-PL series, that allows important stock reductions. Standard, direct starting EC or NEMA motors

    Standardized chemical pump, process pump design with dimensions to

    EN22858/ISO 2858;

    Housing material:



    25-25-160 bis 100-80-200

    Nominal pressure:

    PN 16/ANSI 150#


    DIN/ANSI Standard  

    Performance data

    Pump capacity:

    up to 140 m³/h

    Total differential head:

    up to 44 m

    Operating temperature [t]:

    -80°C up to +90 °C

    Operating pressure [p]:

    up to 6 bar Technical Data

    Diameter of discharge nozzle:

    DN 25 up to DN 100 /ANSI 1" to 4" Brochure

    Drive rating [P]:

    up to 18.5 kW Operation manual


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