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    Nduraflex Peristaltic Way

    B.Rubber cord plies
    D.Wall thickness
    The hose… the beating heart of the pump!
    The essential component peristaltic pump is the rubber hose located in the pump chamber; it is the true "beating heart"of the machine.Its principal function is to guarantee the correct functioning of the peristaltic system.
    The mechanical features of the hose and the materials with which it is built are determining factors influencing pump performance:
    ● Its elasticity enables liquid suctioning and enhances the machine's capacity to provide a constant flow;
    ● Its resistance to compression over time and chemical compatibility with the conveyed liquid determines 
    its life span and thus the reliability of the pump.
    The flexible hose is thus equipped to withstand the pressing force of the rollers or sliding shoes for as long as possible,thanks to its elasticity. This special ability to resume its original dimensions enables the pump to maintain its flow and suction capacity over time while limiting "spallation" (the release of dust or rubber particles).
    The rubber hose is thus responsible for maintaining the efficiency of the pump system.

    Among the various offers from the MTG Peristaltic Way line,natural rubber(NR) hoses represent the best-performing solution from a mechanical point of view,given their: 
    ● Resistance to the alternating compression in the peristaltic system;
    ● Elasticity to ensure quick and complete recovery of the original shape following compression;
    ● Abrasion resistance,both as concerns transported liquids and the pressure components in the machine;
    ● Softness,which reduces the amount of output power required to compress the flexible hose;
    ● Resistance to fatigue produced by cyclic mechanical stress;

    The result? = A long life for the hose + constant flow over time;

    Natural rubber is not,however,suitable for all applications.
    There are situations in which the temperature and/or chemical aggressiveness of liquids are more critical factors (more destructive) than mechanical factors.
    Critical conditions
    ● Use at temperatures exceeding 70℃ or steam sterilization;
    ● Use with oxidizing acids(nitric,hydrochloric,peracetic…);
    ● Use with apolar products such as fuels,oils(industrial and food) and animal and vegetable fats;
    ● Use with cosmetic or pharmaceutical products destined to come into contact with the skin,face,body in general;
    ●Use at maximum safety levels when absolutely no contamination of dust or rubber particles("spallstion") is allowed.
      In these cases,the most suitable alternative is synthetic rubber,which offers specific solutions for various applications

      in industrial processes.
    Nduraflex offers the widest range of specific polymers in the sector.categorized by application field:

     NR           NBR           HNBR               EPDM               CSM              SILICONE


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